2016-2018 Strategy


The Church Investors Group: 2016-2018 ‘Supporting our Members in Stewardship’


The Church Investors Group is the membership organization for 67 Church Investors with collective investment assets of over £21bn. While our members come from different denominations, and each has their own investment policy, they share the common goal to be ‘Good Stewards’ of the Church’s financial resources by:

  • earning the investment returns needed to fund mission and ministry, and
  • investing in line with our faith.

To enable our members to meet this unique combination of needs better, the CIG has set three strategic goals for the period 2016 – 2018.

First, we will continue to help our members share their wisdom of developing, evolving and implementing investment policies that are based upon Christian teachings. Our largest members are world experts at developing investment guidance from theology and, by collaborating, all benefit from our collective wisdom, expertise and the resources to commission new work.

Second, we will help our members implement responsible investment practices to secure the best-possible long-term financial returns. To do so we will continue to work with industry experts to develop resources and disseminate best-practice thinking whilst also supporting our members’ work with their own fund managers.

Finally, we will increase the emphasis on engagement. The CIG has a long history in driving improvements in business standards through the engagement work of our members. Our ambition is that through the additional resource provided by our members, and the ongoing commitment of our largest members, we will increase the scale of this work as we seek to make a positive contribution to some of the defining issues of our time: climate change, modern day slavery and corporate water stewardship.

We believe that by supporting our members in the stewardship of their assets we will assist in the mission of the Church today and help safeguard society in general and the environment in particular for future generations.